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If you are not sure which flavors you want to try, this starter pack might be your best choice to start your DIY journey. it contains the most popular selections from our customers. Our best selling DIY bubble packs mixed Milk tea and fruit tea range in one go. Perfect gifts for family, friends and yourself for Birthday , Parties and any events!!


MBT Bubble Tea DIY Starter Kit includes the following items


1. Signiture Original Milk Tea - 5 Serves

2. Taro Milk Tea - 5 Serves

3. Tropicial Fruit Green Tea- 5 Serves

4. Peach Fruit Green Tea- 5 Serves

5. Lychee Jelly (300g)

6. Tapioca Pearls (300g)

7. Straws/Resuable Metal Straw (Optional)

8. MBT Reusable bubble tea cup set (Optional)


Follow our recipes to cook your own pearls and mix your fruit tea just the way you like it!


Must be consumed within 3 months of opening

MBT Bubble Tea Kit Starter Pack

Choice of Cup