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My Bubble Tea: Milk Tea Store

What if you could make any of your favorite milk teas at home? Do you love Thai milk tea boba? Maybe you're wondering what is in a taro drink that gives it that gorgeous lavender color. My Bubble tea offers milk tea kits that include all you need to make Thai milk tea boba or even a taro drink, yourself. Taro is the tubular part of the Araceae plant, with thick, succulent purplish petioles and heart-shaped leaves that are also edible. Taro's sweet and nutty flavor makes it delicious to eat fried, mashed, boiled, baked, roasted. And it's a perfect choice for a nutritious taro drink that's high in potassium, fiber, and Vitamin E, loaded with antioxidants.

Our milk tea store makes it easy to make a taro drink at home with our Taro Milk Tea Pack. You'll have everything you need, including those fat straws that let the little tapioca pearls through. The same goes for Thai milk tea boba and all the other flavors you've come to love. What's more, you get top-quality ingredients, including premium Taiwan tea leaves, fructose, tapioca pearls, and creamer, all sourced from Taiwan. That means you can make tasty bubble teas in minutes at home instead of having to head to a shop and drop three to five dollars on a single drink.

If you want a healthy bubble tea that will help you relax and stay focused, try our matcha tea. You won't have to leave the house to make a healthy bubble tea with tapioca pearls made of starch from the cassava plant. Even better? The good news is that you can pick up prepared tapioca pearls online at My Bubble Tea. You'll need to cook them, but don't worry—we'll tell you how here, and you can also check our videos if you want to learn how to make boba milk tea at home like a pro.

You'll even find lots of deserts and toppings that you may never have tried before in our milk tea store. You can purchase items such as tapioca pearls, and other toppings like egg pudding powder, popping balls, coconut jelly, and more. Plus, the My Bubble Tea combo pack includes everything you need to craft your drink, from chewy tapioca pearls to various teas, sweeteners, and flavorings. Our bubble tea kits can make an entire menu of bubble teas, from a classic brown sugar pearl milk tea to a Thai milk tea boba.

You can conveniently order online and have your favorite bubble tea, and more, delivered to your door.