Healthy Bubble Tea

Are You Looking for a Healthy Bubble Tea? Try Matcha

Matcha contains antioxidants that may reduce inflammation throughout the body. The combination of antioxidants found in matcha can even protect the body from the damaging effects of air pollution and UV radiation. It also helps with a host of other things, including high blood pressure and other degenerative issues. Many people drink matcha to help reduce stress. And when it comes to healthy bubble tea, matcha is the number one favorite. Bubble tea made of matcha will be a healthy bubble tea that you can feel good about when drinking it.

Bubble tea made of matcha green tea has high levels of chlorophyll that helps flush toxins from the body, and tons of antioxidants, polyphenols, and amino-acids that regulate the metabolism. Even better? Matcha tea has virtually zero calories, but dies have vitamins and minerals to help burn fat and improve blood flow. Bubble tea made of matcha is a healthy bubble tea with tapioca pearls of an extract of the cassava plant. When they're raw, they're white, hard, and don't taste like anything. However, after boiling in caramelized syrup, they become the black, springy tapioca pearls that we love in our milk tea.

If you want a healthy bubble tea that will help you relax and stay focused, try our matcha tea at My Bubble Tea. You won't have to leave the house to make a healthy bubble tea with tapioca pearls made of starch from the cassava plant. My Bubble Tea offers top-quality products for bubble tea beverages so that you can make your own bubble tea at home. You'll be pleased with our high-quality ingredients, including premium Taiwan tea leaves, fructose, tapioca pearls, and creamer.

Our healthy bubble tea kit comes with matcha milk tea powder, creamer, fructose, straws, and tapioca pearls made of cassava. The only thing you need is ice. Not only that, but if you've never made healthy bubble tea at home, you'll find lots of how-to videos and recipes for a variety of healthy bubble tea, including bubble tea made of fruit, and more.

My Bubble Tea delivers customizable bubble-tea kits so you can make delicious healthy bubble tea at home. You can brew bubble tea made of black tea or green tea, with classic tapioca pearls made of cassava. Or try mango, green apple, or strawberry popping balls, and lots of choices of fruit drinks and more. The My Bubble Tea Kit includes everything you need to craft your drink, from chewy tapioca pearls to various teas, sweeteners and flavorings. Our bubble tea kits can make an entire menu of bubble teas, from a classic brown sugar pearl milk tea to a matcha tea latte. Not only that, but we also have strawberry, chocolate, and almond brews.

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