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With My Bubble Tea (M.B.T),  we delivers customizable bubble-tea kits to help you brew and assemble boba at home. You can brew your own bubble tea at home in many styles that suit your needs.


The My Bubble Tea Kit includes everything you need to craft your drink, from chewy tapioca pearls to various teas, sweeteners and flavorings. The kit can be used to make an entire menu of bubble teas, from a classic brown sugar pearl milk tea to a matcha tea latte. Add a few additional ingredients and you can also shake up strawberry, chocolate and almond brews.

Here at M.B.T, we are passionate about Bubble Tea and have many years of experience in creating amazing recipes, sourcing high quality ingredients and coming up with the most creative ideas. In the same way as coffee lovers have their Barrista’s we hope to recruit you all to become our Bubblista’s, skilled in the arts of Bubble Tea making and spreading the word to all you know!


At M.T.B , we ensure that everybody has access to the ingredients and tools necessary to create shop bought quality drinks in the comfort of your own home.

/ Our Story

Our story began as a pipe dream in the fall of early 2000. We became great friends in the school, we bonded over every meal and runs to the local boba shop in the Mission. One day, it closed down. We panicked, fearing the jitters to come from boba and caffeine withdrawal. We said when we grew up , we will make all the boba lovers make their own the perfect cup of boba milk tea anytime they wanted. 

In high school, you knew without fail that you'd bump into your best friend by your locker or in Spanish class every single day. But once graduate, our lives became a little bit overwhelming. But we are lucky enough to keep our friendship alive. 

In early 2020, when everyone life start changing because of the global pandemic , One night, we get together and reminisce about the good old times . We just knew we wanted the world to try our boba milk tea. We also wanted to change the way people thought of boba and tea. And why not JUST DO IT! We did not like how many businesses had less-than-stellar business practices and did everything behind a wall. We wanted to open up the boba experience for everyone to see.

Our master chief,  has more than decade of experience in managing restaurants and boba shops. As we picked up momentum and developed a stronger point of view (e.g. high-quality ingredients, customer service, in-house production), we started seeing that our values transcended bubble tea.

We always said we’d start a company together one day… we just didn’t think it was a boba business!

And that's where we are today. We want to fundamentally change the way people view boba, tea, and perhaps, food. We hope you join us in our journey!

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