Bubble Tea Kit

Learn How to Make Boba at Home With a Bubble Tea Kit

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Wouldn't it be great to be able to make milk tea boba anytime? Then you'll be excited to know that you can pick up a bubble tea home kit online at My Bubble Tea. Along with our how-to videos, our bubble tea starter kit will help you learn how to make boba milk tea at home like a pro. Boba is a category of chunky drinks. Boba milk tea is the classic version, with black tea, milk, ice, and chewy tapioca pearls, served with a fat straw.

Tapioca pearls are an extracted starch from the cassava plant. They're white, hard, and don't taste like anything when they're raw. However, after boiling in caramelized syrup, they become the black, springy tapioca pearls that we love in our milk tea. Our bubble tea kit includes prepared tapioca balls that you only need to heat up and add to your milk tea, making it easy to use a bubble tea home kit.

You'll be able to make your favorite boba as good or better than the one you buy at your local shop right now. Why not grab a bubble tea starter kit and learn how to do it yourself? Then you can have your favorite drink anytime. If you order one at a coffee shop, you'll pay three to five dollars a drink. Why spend the extra money when you can make boba milk tea at home with a bubble tea kit? The best thing about when you make boba milk tea at home is that you can adjust how long you cook the tapioca pearls and find your perfect chewiness.

If you want a healthy bubble tea that will help you relax and stay focused, try our matcha, bubble tea home kit. Or, if you love Thai milk boba, you can grab a bubble tea kit and whip it up at home. Our bubble tea starter kit can make an entire menu of bubble teas, from a classic brown sugar pearl milk tea to fruit tea. The My Bubble Tea Kit includes everything you need to craft your drink, from chewy tapioca pearls to various teas, sweeteners and flavorings.

You'll also find lots of deserts and toppings at My Bubble Tea that you may never have tried before. And best of all, you can order conveniently online and have your bubble tea kit delivered to your door.