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Popping Boba are little balls filled with delicious fruit juice.


The jelly coating of the popping boba is made of seaweed extract. Each serving of popping boba is approximately 30 Calories.


There are countless way to enjoy popping boba. A few way we like to have fun with popping juice balls is freezing the boba for an icy texture and simply letting the balls burst in your mouth with an explosion of flavor. Popping Boba make a great addition to desserts and drinks such as frozen yogurt, ice cream, snow ice, shaved ice, cocktails and even salads! The sky is the limit when it comes to popping boba.


Bursting Boba is made to be ready to eat. The product does not require much preparation before being served. Just remember to seal and refrigerate it once you open the tub.


These little juice boba balls are filled with amazing good flavors. They are fits perfectly into your bubble tea kit.


Must be consumed within 3 months of opening

It is HIGHLY recommended to consume within 1 week after opening.

Yogurt Flavour Popping Ball

Topping Size
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