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Premium Sour Plum Syrup is a mix of sour and sweet plum. It is reminiscent of the Japanese candy but with a sweet instead of sour aftertaste. Our syrups have many applications and can be used to make slushes, smoothies, juices, flavored teas, frozen yogurt, shaved ice, and even alcoholic cocktails.


At MBT, we are offering top-quality products for bubble tea beverages, desserts . All top quality ingredients, including premium Taiwan tea leaves, fructose, tapioca pearls, creamer etc.) are all sourced from Taiwan. Make your own tasting Bubble Teas within minutes by using our premium quality DIY My Bubble Tea Kit.


MBT Bubble Tea DIY Pack comes with:


  • Tea bags
  • Syrup (30ml per serve)
  • Fructose (15ml per serve)
  • Straws
  • Tapioca Pearls (300g optional)
  • 300g Lychee/Coconut Jelly (optional)


Pleaes note that all optional items are same size/amount for any packs you purchased. If you want to buy more toppings , please shop under topping page.


You can also add pearls for the same amount!


Follow our recipes to cook your own pearls and mix your fruit tea just the way you like it!

Must be consumed within 3 months of opening

Sour Plum Green Tea

  •   Serving Size 25g
    Energy 342.5 kj
    PROTEIN 0.3 g
    TOTAL FAT 0 g
    SUGAR 18.4g
    SODIUM 0.8mg