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Japanese Green tea Matcha is the highest grade and has been stone ground. Making this product the best choice for your Matcha Tea or Matcha Latte. Our matcha is a vibrant green colour, tastes amazing and is a powerhouse of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.


Pure green tea powder is great for making matcha lattes by either fresh milk or non-diary creamer and fructose.  It is great to serve hot or cold! It also can be blended into smoothies or tiger milk tea for an additional boost!


How to make matcha lattes


  • Mix 40g of non-dairy creamer in a cup with 100ml hot water and stir it well
  • Add fructose or honey if desired
  • Add crushed ice 
  • Mix 2 g of matcha powder with 100ml of hot water in another cup
  • Add crushed ice
  • Pour Matcha mixture slowly into creamer cup
  • Enjoy you matcha lattes


Note: can use fresh milk tea instead of creamer mixture


Shelf life: 24months

Made in Taiwan


Net weight: 50g

Premium Pure Matcha Powder (50g)

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