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Coffee Frappe or coffee Frappuccino,makes for the perfect, all seasons favorite coffee house treat. It is a MUST have drink if you’re hanging out at the pool, beach, or even your house.  The delicious taste of our refreshingly cool coffee frappe kit really stands the test of time.


At MBT, we are offering top-quality products for bubble tea beverages, desserts . All top quality ingredients, including premium Taiwan tea leaves, fructose, tapioca pearls, creamer etc.) are all sourced from Taiwan. Make your own tasting Bubble Teas within minutes by using our premium quality DIY My Bubble Tea Kit.


MBT Bubble Tea DIY Kit comes with:


  • Coffee powder
  • Creamer
  • Fructose
  • Straws

You can also add pearls for the same amount! Follow our recipes to cook your own pearls or add popping balls or jelly and mix your milkshake , to make it just the way you like it!


Must be consumed within 3 months of opening

MBT Coffee Frappe

  • Learn how to DIY your own drink : Click Here

    Must be consumed within 3 months of opening