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Ultra-rich brown sugar boba tea has been an explosive hit in Taiwan, made popular in part thanks to the chain Tiger Sugar — a milk-heavy boba drink doused with a generous shot of cloyingly sweet brown sugar syrup, all swirling in a beautiful gradient of cocoa-browns and pearly whites.

At MBT, we are offering top-quality products for bubble tea beverages, desserts . All top quality ingredients, including premium Taiwan tea leaves, fructose, tapioca pearls, creamer etc.) are all sourced from Taiwan.


Make your own tasting Bubble Teas within minutes by using our premium quality DIY My Bubble Tea Kit.


Brown sugar bubble tea kit Comes with:

- Brown Sugar Syrup (1L)

- 600g Tapioca Pearl

- Straws

- Topping (300g) (Optional)


Other option of Topping click here: Instant Boba Pearls

Must be consumed within 3 months of opening

Brown Sugar Milk Tea 20 Pack

  • Learn how to DIY your own brown sugar bubble tea : Click Here

    Must be consumed within 3 months of opening